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TOYO’s  injection machines stand out for their great versatility. 100% electric and equipped with the best technology “MADE IN JAPAN”. Injection machines that adapt to the changes and needs of each of our clients, providing the most sustainable solutions for the production several kind of plastics products.

In the diferent sectores we serve, we develop, year by year, more acurate know how and experience to costumize and suggest best solution to satisfy the productive needs of each diferent customer.

Each sector has his own peculiarity and TOYO’s machine is adaptable to meet the requirements mandatory by the specific market of application.


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Technical Components
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Medical Industry

One of the main issues is how medical device manufacturers can reduce risks and costs. The medical device manufacturers are constantly developing new devices in conjunction with the latest discoveries in medical technology. The development of new devices requires extensive testing and documentation (prior to receiving TUV, VDA or FDA approval). A result that is not always certain and which can easily drive up the costs of development.

The need for lower cost techniques for prototyping medical devices and for utmost quality during the launch of the series are critical to achieve new developments at costs that can be justified.

Especially, the fully electric machines of the Si-6 series are particularly suited for production in clean rooms as conventional hydraulic machines for the following reasons:

  • Sealed belt drive to minimize or avoid turbulences and thus formation of dust
  • Very low consumption of greace (up to 88% reduction) thanks to the PLASTAR Grease and lubricant-saving design
  • No oil leak thanks to all electric
  • Energy savings thanks to fully electric machines
  • Durability for continuous operation thanks to precise close loop control of each movement
  • Protection of expensive moulds and screws thanks to adjustable acceleration profiles
  • Flexible settings for cyclical load conditions
  • Quick restart in the event of power loss

TOYO Europe can expect to see exponential growth in the medical technology sector in the coming years, even in the emerging markets as Eastern Europe.

  • Components for blood analyzer equipment
  • Heart pump parts
  • Orthopaedic devices
  • Custom Knee braces
  • Foetal heartbeat monitors
  • Catheters
  • EKG & oxygen parts
  • Other...

TOYO fully electric injection machines will help you succeed in his challenging sector!