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TOYO’s  injection machines stand out for their great versatility. 100% electric and equipped with the best technology “MADE IN JAPAN”. Injection machines that adapt to the changes and needs of each of our clients, providing the most sustainable solutions for the production several kind of plastics products.

In the diferent sectores we serve, we develop, year by year, more acurate know how and experience to costumize and suggest best solution to satisfy the productive needs of each diferent customer.

Each sector has his own peculiarity and TOYO’s machine is adaptable to meet the requirements mandatory by the specific market of application.


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House hold
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Technical Components
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Quick production, efficiency , cycle optimization and exigent request of house hold industry in order to reduce as much as possible production cost and manpower cost.
Huge production combine with necessity to produce repeatedly same range of products, needs high reliability machines with low maintenance costs as offered by TOYO’s machines
The wide range of TOYO’s machines allow to choice the best performed solution based on the different kind of products, like:

  • Basin
  • Basket
  • Hook
  • Kitchen utensil
  • Spoons
  • Cutleries
  • Furniture components
  • Light components
  • Outdoor components
  • Others