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TOYO EUROPE SRL, in the past RP INJECTION Srl, started to project and produce injection molding presses for plastics, up 4.000 ton, two platens, in both Italy and Europe.

However, the technological development, together with the natural predisposition of the company to act as a first mover, has meant that TOYO EUROPE SRL concentrate on the marketing of electrical presses, which is the core business of the company.

Since May 2007, TOYO EUROPE SRL is exclusive distributor for the European market for the Japanese company Toyo Machinery & Metal CO., Ltd. listed company in Tokyo – and during 2019 this agreement has been extended to Africa and Arabian Countries, with the implementation of a new company based in UAE , A for Value LTD, to follow specifically Middle East and Africa territories.

The great success of TOYO EUROPE has led to the consolidation of the partnership between Toyo Machinery Metal CO., Ltd., Japan that became shareholder of TOYO EUROPE SRL.

In the recent years, the company has recorded a boom in sales with more than 1.000 injection machines already installed in Italian and Eurpean customers; such growth can be explained on the one hand with the Toyo brand factor. The Toyo’s machiney is indeed one of the most reliable of the market and especially the high index of reliability and accuracy means that existing customers are inclined to confirm and renew orders for both already stocked production sites and those still lacking. There is also a word-of-mouth factor that makes many industry customers to buy machinery based on competitors’ choices.

Toyo machines are particularly competitive in terms of technology and are characterized by high quality and very competitive prices. The reasons are, as said, the reliability of technology and the ability to efficiently use the all over electric operation even in large tonnage injection machines.

Further a wide range of fully electric injection machines, starting from 50 up to 1300 TON allow TOYO EUROPE to be present in different fields of the plastic industry, like automotive, packaging, medical, technical components, etc.

Toyo’s machines can be equip with auxiliary services offering “turn key”plant according the specific customer requires and production needs.

Thanks to a machine’s stock always available in TOYO EUROPE, we reduce the lead time guaranteing a prompt delivery helping the customers to satisfy their immediate needs.

TOYO EUROPE SRL defends itself against the competitors because Toyo machines can count on their excellent value for money.

POLICY, PRODUCT and CUSTOMIZATION are the pilars of our success.

What is so special about us?

POLICY our goal will always be the customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.  We strongly believe that the best way to deserve the success is to understand the needs of the users first, and then respond with the best possible quality.

PRODUCT we can offer a complete range of full-electric from 50 up to 1300 ton, reliable and precise injection moulding machines made in Japan with the greatest care and attention. The perfect tool to improve the production of our customers, while significantly reducing their costs.

CUSTOMIZATION we can add all needed optional and special configurations, thanks to the highly qualitative work of our staff; and provide rarely After-Sales Service.