Toyo Machinery & Metal Co. Ltd. has earned the strongest reputation of quality, reliability and innovation in the making of high end industrial machineries.

Already in 1985 TOYO introduced its first all electric   injection moulding machine, a good decade in advance compared with the competirors ; today TOYO is considered one of the best brand globally in the production of fully electric moulding injection machines.

On this grow, TOYO EUROPE, located in Italy,  exclusive distributor for Europe, participate of mother company Toyo Machinery & Metal Co. Ltd contribute significantly to acquire, day by day, important market shares, that in combination with latest generation “MADE IN JAPAN” technology guarantee almost immediate delivery times and a fast and differentiated technical service guarantee for the success of your production.

Best optimization of your investment and production indexes
Top quality and long-lifespan injection moulding machines and ancillaries
Qualified and skilled technical team and tailored effective customer care
Local presence in several countries guarantees a prompt and professional delivery and maintenance service
More than 25 years of cross countries and sectores experience allow a continuous innovation in electrical technology
We respect the ecosystem: this is the key factor in the development of all our products
Thanks to our innovative T-REMOTE SYSTEM customers are capable to supervise on real time IMM parameters; whenever the customer need remote support TOYO'S technical team can easy log in and provide assistance

  • INNOVATION: Thanks to the innovative T-REMOTE system we have the ability to monitor our customer’s machines in real time and support them in case of need

  • PRECISION: High performance injection machines with constant precision throughout the production process. Guarantee of a perfect and high quality finish throughout your production.

  • RELAIBILITY: As a result of joint design and development with the University of Kyoto, TOYO clamping units manage to distribute the closing force right in the center of the mold, achieving high precision and reliability throughout the production process.

  • STRENGH: Injectors of great robustness and exclusive compact line. A magnificent finish to optimize substantially any space.

  • EFFICIENCY: The best energy saving in the market, more if compared to a conventional moulding injection machines with low maintenance cost.

  • FLEXIBILITY: Innovation and flexibility thanks to its intelligent molding fully adapted from the user’s perspective. New SYSTEM 800 “FULL TOUCH” control system.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Committed to sustainability. Eco- Fiendly Japanese Techonology. Only products that have passed the strict design examination, environmental compliance, can bear this logo.They are certified as “ECO-PRODUCTS” being totally respectful with the environment.

  • QUICKNESS: TOYO moulding injection machines are synonymous with great power, precision and speed. High-performance machines to maximize your production.

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