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Toyo Europe at K 2022

TOYO Europe will be present at K 2022, from 19 to 26 October in Düsseldorf with a stand of about 300 square meters (hall 13 – stand B77).
With the slogan “be a green leader”, Toyo will show how fully electric injection molding machines can combine economy and sustainability in the spirit of a circular economy.
TOYO Europe will present two applications that will show how a certain type of plastic, as an ecologically valuable and highly developed raw material, can be used not only sensibly and environmentally but also economically.
The sustainable production of plastic products with recycled materials is one of the dominant themes that will be presented at the stand of Toyo Europe, an Italian company, exclusive distributor for Europe with a license also for the Middle East and Africa markets of injection machines for plastic molding fully electric manufactured by the Japanese company TOYO MACHINERY & METAL CO.LTD.
TOYO’s range of machines starts from 50 tons up to 1300 tons with a wide range of injection units to satisfy the most demanding production needs of our customers.
Two applications will be presented at the TOYO Europe stand at K 2022:
• Toyo Si-350-6S JH750E with 1 cavity mold for the production of a toolbox with integrated handling and hot labelling system in collaboration with our German partner DECKERFORM and the company LEONARD KURZ
• Toyo Si-450-6S JH750E PACK with 2 cavity mold for the production of a food tray with integrated Campetella handling system
With these two applications it will be demonstrated how it is possible to produce, not only in an environmentally friendly way, but also in an economical way with a high quality level.
TOYO fully electric injection machines are significantly more energy efficient and therefore more sustainable than hydraulic and / or hybrid systems, representing a fundamental element in the concept of sustainability.
With the SI 450 TOYO, we will show how the combination of speed and low energy consumption is a winner in a medium-high toning full electric injection machines by producing a food container (wall thickness 0.55 mm – weight 41.9 g) in PP with a 2-cavity mold; expected cycle time 4.5 sec.
With the Si-350 TOYO, we will produce a tool box with a 1 cavity mold (cycle 20 seconds – weight 350 gr); special mention for the molding material which is a recycled material, such as RECOPOUND®. The recycled material is supplied by partner Leonhard Kurz, a supplier specialized in thin film technology for molding on all types of products for packaging, medical, cosmetic, automotive, household, security and many other applications.
The stability of the very thin-walled box is provided by the RECOPOUND® recycling material.
The collaboration with KURZ thanks to the intermediation of our partner DECKERFOM was started to demonstrate the synergy existing between the TOYO injection machine and a company specialized in offering all finishing processes from a single source, using in this special occasion of K show, the RECOPOUND® material, demonstrating that the processing of intelligent recycled materials has nothing to envy to new materials that are labelled as Eco-sustainable, Eco-compatible, “friends of nature“, etc.
In particular, the low deformation behaviour and high mechanical strength make RECOPOUND® an interesting alternative to other plastics, especially when component development uses the positive properties of the material with intelligent engineering.